There are many ways that people use Sendwin.
Here's a few of the more popular ones

Sendwin is an amazing app for improving your productivity. It's the perfect way to get things done and make life easier, especially if you're juggling a lot at once or constantly feeling unprepared! Here are some ways we use Sendwins in our workday

Common Use Cases:

Digital marketing

The company you keep is important. Working with several different accounts can be risky for E-Commerce platforms, It's important to keep your work on multiple accounts separate, so that no one person can steal the product of another. This would be very detrimental in today’s world where everything is connected and easier than ever before!

Affiliate marketing

Diversify your risk exposure by running ad campaigns for multiple clients through different accounts on various platforms.

Retail Price Comparison

Websites pricing algorithm changes prices based on visitor location and browsing history. See what a real customer might see of the price without being blocked or deceived


There are many vendors who offer multiple isolated merchant accounts to help diversify online retail risks. On major e-commerce platforms, you can establish multiple isolated merchant accounts on a discreet basis.

Social Media Marketing

Managing team members' access rights to social media profiles can be a drag, but don't worry. There's an online tool that can help you manage the login to all your profiles in parallel!

Replace virtual PC

With virtual browser profiles, you can have multiple browsers open at the same time without slowing down your machine. So go ahead and shop for that new couch on eBay while you're working on your term paper—Sendwin makes multitasking a breeze.

Ad Spying

Reverse-engineer original ad campaign targeting by analyzing which ads are served to which social media profiles. You can then use this data and the information you have on hand (the demographics) of an individual's habits in order to create more personalized messages that will be sure not just reach their desired audience but also convert them into customers!

Brand Protection

If you want your brand to be seen, then it needs monitoring. That’s why we check regionally blocked resources for illegal use of brands and file reports with the appropriate authorities! You might be missing out on a lot of potential customers if you're not checking regionally blocked resources for monitoring illegal use of your brand.

Surf anonymous

Chrome isn't just for browsing. With the new tab page, you can Surf anonymously and start your next adventure in privacy! Anonymous browsing is more convenient and secure than ever before!

No Secondary browsers

You can manage all your accounts from one browser. No need for secondary browsing sessions or constantly checking different pages to compare data with other sites! You don't need a secondary browser to manage multiple accounts. You can do it all from one!


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find that one page you saved in a book. With our bookmark, now there's no excuse for losing your place!

Analysis of Advertisement

To make sure you get the best results from your advertising, view it from different profiles and locations - For example if someone is advertising in New York but lives nearby then they'll have a higher chance of getting responses than somebody who lives on opposite side of town.

SEO Monitor

Accurately monitor Keywords on different countries, and track search engine result pages, the best solution for any SEO expert!